Welcome to this XMPP Research Blog

This blog is about XMPP-related research activities. Its core content is an up-to-date bibliography on XMPP research work which is going on in the community. But besides this highly academic output we also present demos of XMPP technology arising out

XEPs used in XMPP Research

Some colleagues of mine are data analysis geeks creating fancy workflows with KNIME the whole day. For those who don’t know yet: KNIME is a powerful data mining framework where you have a graphical workflow editor. You can drag and

Ten new references from DBLP

This morning I collected ten more publications from DBLP. Seems like most of the publications I found there were already in our collection. We get to a certain saturation… 😉 Reference counter at the time of writing this post: 267.

Greetings from ACM – part 2

As promised in the last post, I also checked numbers 101 – 313 from the ACM list of papers containing the word “XMPP”. As the list is ordered according to relevance with highest relevance first, there was a decreasing number

Dynamic Topic Modeling on XMPP Literature – Part 1

By now, we have gathered over 200 research papers with prominent appearance of our favorite real-time protocol with even more to come via ACM Digital Library (see Daniel’s previous post on that). Reading all these papers clearly shows that XMPP is

Greetings from ACM – part 1

With nearly 200 publications collected so far, we thought the bibliography of xmppresearch.org to be almost comprehensive. First we integrated and consolidated our  bibtex files from TU Dresden and RWTH Aachen which had grown over the years in the field. Next