Bibliography is blooming in May 2015

As the flowers around us are blooming and offering their unique colorful gift to the world, also got some new blossoms. My Google Scholar Digest offered me about 50 suggestions with papers mentioning XMPP in some way. After reading

A Scalable Network of XMPP Servers for Smart Home Applications

The work I am going to cover in this post is already 2 years old and was presented at the PerCol workshop 2013 in San Diego which I was chairing. I think it is a quite appealing work and deserves

Protocols for the Smart Energy Grid

In the last post there was an article comparing the different messaging protocols for the IoT. The Smart Energy Grid is a special case of the IoT which receives great attention today. A world of decentralized energy production is envisioned

Messaging Protocols for the Internet of Things

There is a main battle going on in the moment which application layer protocol is going to win the Internet of Things. The battle candidates are HTTP/REST, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, DDS, and (of course) XMPP. A new survey has been at XMPP Summit 17

Last Friday, Jan 30, 2015, Dominik and István presented this research website to the XMPP Standards Foundation at the second day of the XMPP Summit 17, which was hosted at Cisco Systems in Diegem, Belgium. We were really happy to