Author: Dominik Renzel

This morning I collected ten more publications from DBLP. Seems like most of the publications I found there were already in our collection. We get to a certain saturation… 😉 Reference counter at the time of writing this post: 267.

By now, we have gathered over 200 research papers with prominent appearance of our favorite real-time protocol with even more to come via ACM Digital Library (see Daniel’s previous post on that). Reading all these papers clearly shows that XMPP is …

Dynamic Topic Modeling on XMPP Literature – Part 1 Read More »

Last Friday, Jan 30, 2015, Dominik and IstvĂĄn presented this research website to the XMPP Standards Foundation at the second day of the XMPP Summit 17, which was hosted at Cisco Systems in Diegem, Belgium. We were really happy to … at XMPP Summit 17 Read More »