Author: Daniel Schuster

XEPs used in XMPP Research

Some colleagues of mine are data analysis geeks creating fancy workflows with KNIME the whole day. For those who don’t know yet: KNIME is a powerful data mining framework where you have a graphical workflow editor. You can drag and

Greetings from ACM – part 2

As promised in the last post, I also checked numbers 101 – 313 from the ACM list of papers containing the word “XMPP”. As the list is ordered according to relevance with highest relevance first, there was a decreasing number

Greetings from ACM – part 1

With nearly 200 publications collected so far, we thought the bibliography of to be almost comprehensive. First we integrated and consolidated our  bibtex files from TU Dresden and RWTH Aachen which had grown over the years in the field. Next

Bibliography is blooming in May 2015

As the flowers around us are blooming and offering their unique colorful gift to the world, also got some new blossoms. My Google Scholar Digest offered me about 50 suggestions with papers mentioning XMPP in some way. After reading

A Scalable Network of XMPP Servers for Smart Home Applications

The work I am going to cover in this post is already 2 years old and was presented at the PerCol workshop 2013 in San Diego which I was chairing. I think it is a quite appealing work and deserves