Bibliography is blooming in May 2015

As the flowers around us are blooming and offering their unique colorful gift to the world, also got some new blossoms.

My Google Scholar Digest offered me about 50 suggestions with papers mentioning XMPP in some way. After reading abstracts and downloading a lot of papers, only 8 of them actually made it to the site. Why so picky? Most papers disqualify themselves as they only mention XMPP shortly as one of the possible solutions to the problem among others. We are interested in research only where XMPP actually is used, extended, or analyzed in some way. Some papers do not meet our quality standards as there are a lot of “I invented a journal” journals out there which get indexed by Google Scholar. A few went to Trash because I was not able to access the full text. My university offers access to most online digital libraries. If I hit a paywall I suppose most other readers will hit the same wall and thus the paper is useless for them.

The remaining eight papers set the trend for the Spring season in XMPP research. As you can see there is no single dominating topic:

  • Smart Energy Grid – using XMPP for energy negotiation in smart micro-grids
  • e-Health – using XMPP for health monitoring
  • Collaboration – using XMPP for shared editing or for collaborative difficulty resolution
  • Cloud Computing – using XMPP for cloud federation
  • Mobile Computing – analyzing the security of smartphone messaging applications including the XMPP-based ones
  • Network Management – using XMPP to manage a network of public PCs
  • Web – easing Web development with BOSH through introduction of an abstraction layer

Please explore our Spring 2015 collection by yourself on our Bibliography page.