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A Scalable Network of XMPP Servers for Smart Home Applications

The work I am going to cover in this post is already 2 years old and was presented at the PerCol workshop 2013 in San Diego which I was chairing. I think it is a quite appealing work and deserves

Protocols for the Smart Energy Grid

In the last post there was an article comparing the different messaging protocols for the IoT. The Smart Energy Grid is a special case of the IoT which receives great attention today. A world of decentralized energy production is envisioned

Messaging Protocols for the Internet of Things

There is a main battle going on in the moment which application layer protocol is going to win the Internet of Things. The battle candidates are HTTP/REST, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, DDS, and (of course) XMPP. A new survey has been

Crowdsourced Live Monitoring of Public Transport with XMPP

I recently stumbled upon a paper by Károly Farkas, a professor from Budapest, Hungary who organized the 2014 PerCom conference in Budapest: They built up a system and an Android app to monitor buses and trams from the public transport