Greetings from ACM – part 1

With nearly 200 publications collected so far, we thought the bibliography of to be almost comprehensive. First we integrated and consolidated our  bibtex files from TU Dresden and RWTH Aachen which had grown over the years in the field. Next we scanned IEEE Explore and Google Scholar to complete the library. Now with the Google Scholar Alert coming in frequently, we thought we are on the safe side.

But there was one main digital library which we didn’t check yet explicitly: ACM Digital Library. So for the sake of completeness last week I posted a query “XMPP” to The result were 334 publications with the word XMPP somewhere in the text. When comparing with our existing catalog, the result was really surprising. Only about a third of them was already at The dropout rate was also quite low (especially when XMPP was only mentioned in the Related Works section). After downloading and skimming the first 100 hits of the list, 48 of them appeared  relevant and delivered insights in rather interesting uses of XMPP technology. These are now integrated in the Bibliography page.

As the topics are so diverse, it is hard to summarize the new content in a post. Here is a bullet list of interesting topics covered:

  • Distributed Computing – managing deployments of grids; infrastructure for CERN LHCb experiment
  • Collaboration – collaborative sketching on the Web; topic-based Multi-User Chat; a WebDAV notification framework based on XMPP PubSub
  • Multimedia – participation TV; a description of the Jitsi video bridge; a Web-based positional audio toolkit
  • Mobile Devices – context management based on Google Wave and XMPP; split PC/tablet sessions for a design environment
  • Gaming – XMPP for multiplayer Flash games; multi-player games for children with autism spectrum disorder
  • e-Health – a smart rollator which can be detected via XMPP; social networking application for the elderly
  • Instant Messaging – XMPP to SMS gateway; standardization of real-time text; pictogram-based messenger; emotion detection for instant messaging
  • Security – privacy-aware content sharing; disruption-tolerant XMPP proxy; steganography using XMPP
  • Testing – a script language to test eJabberD; optimizing TCP/IP connectivity; mining message sequence graphs

You can explore these topics on the Bibliography page using the topic cloud. There is still 234 publications left in the ACM library, so more to follow…

The really interesting insight is the low coverage of the ACM Digital Library on Google Scholar. So whenever you start your research into a topic use the digital libraries (IEEE, ACM) firsthand, otherwise you will miss a lot.