Greetings from ACM – part 2

As promised in the last post, I also checked numbers 101 – 313 from the ACM list of papers containing the word “XMPP”. As the list is ordered according to relevance with highest relevance first, there was a decreasing number of good papers in this second round. About half of the papers were only mentioning XMPP as one of many possible solutions or in the related works section. The other half did use XMPP, but there was often not more than a statement like “we built the communication on top of XMPP” leaving the reader with as many open questions as before.

There were 21 papers remaining which I incorporated in the Bibliography page.

Here is an overview of the topics covered:

  • Mobile/ubiquitous computing – a platform for running apps in the car; mobile task computing; multi-device services; software engineering support for mobile devices; controlling and linking smart objects with mobile devices
  • Collaboration – collaborative mixed reality environments; collaborative search; Web-based co-browsing; collaborative planning; electronic brainstorming; networked gaming
  • Social Networking / Participatory Sensing – mobile phone sending; sharing song selections in public urban places; social TV

Now with 259 entries we think we have a more or less comprehensive overview of research work using and extending the XMPP technology. We will elaborate more time in the future in picking out interesting papers for review posts, sorting and categorizing the paper stock as well as adding new papers which we get from the Google Scholar alert.