Messaging Protocols for the Internet of Things

There is a main battle going on in the moment which application layer protocol is going to win the Internet of Things. The battle candidates are HTTP/REST, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, DDS, and (of course) XMPP.

A new survey has been published comparing the protocols:

Karagiannis, Vasileios, Chatzimisios, Periklis, Vazquez-Gallego, Francisco, Alonso-Zarate, Jesus: A Survey on Application Layer Protocols for the Internet of Things. In: Transaction on IoT and Cloud Computing, 1 (1), 2015.

I posted a review of this article at another blog:

XMPP is now already recognized as an equal option for the Internet of Things. Let’s see how this all evolves. Much of the research work around XMPP is on IoT solutions which we will cover in follow-up posts.