Welcome to this XMPP Research Blog

When looking for XMPP-related information you will most likely be happy with xmpp.org and the many pages linked from there. There is information about the current standards and the many extensions the XMPP community is developing. A comprehensive list of client and server implementations can also be found at xmpp.org.

Furthermore there is a great book covering XMPP and many of its extensions:

Peter Saint-Andre, Smith, K, Troncon, R: XMPP: The Definitive Guide. O’Reilly: USA, 2009.

For a shorter version you can have a look at the paper from Peter Saint-André from 2009:

Saint-Andre, Peter: XMPP: Lessons Learned from Ten Years of XML Messaging. In: IEEE Communications Magazine, 47 (4), pp. 92–96, 2009.

But as a research geek you might be more interested in research work going on around XMPP. Up until now, there was only a survey by Adrian Hornsby serving this issue:

Adrian Hornsby, Rod Walsh: From Instant Messaging to Cloud Computing, an XMPP review. In: Consumer Electronics (ISCE), 2010 IEEE 14th International Symposium on, pp. 1–6, IEEE, 2010.

But as time goes by and XMPP keeps on growing and improving, there is a lot more to tell you about. Thus we set up this page to give an overview of current XMPP research and to be able to constantly update the research knowledge base about XMPP. We hope that this page will be a helpful source for:

  • Other researchers in the XMPP field to keep updated and discuss current trends
  • Guys from the XMPP community to keep an eye on these research activities which often happen outside the “official” community
  • Developers interested in XMPP technology to see some hands-on demos about what is possible with XMPP technology

This page offers the following type of information:

  • General – general articles like this one commenting on trends or giving some background knowledge
  • Publications – articles about interesting publications and how we think about them
  • Bibliography – an exhaustive list of publications around XMPP for reference purposes
  • Demos – videos and live demos about cool things that can be done with XMPP

Please see the About page for more information about the authors of this blog.