xmppresearch.org at XMPP Summit 17

Last Friday, Jan 30, 2015, Dominik and István presented this research website to the XMPP Standards Foundation at the second day of the XMPP Summit 17, which was hosted at Cisco Systems in Diegem, Belgium.

We were really happy to already receive some positive feedback to our contribution proposal on the mailing list, coupled with ideas for new features such as tagging research papers by the XEPs used or indicating open access or not for people outside the paywalls around scientific research.

The slides are available on Slideshare:

We received appreciative feedback on the spot that besides specifications and software the XSF is interested in keeping track of research activities in a concentrated manner. There was a proposal to link each other, since our offerings would bring both sides benefits. We agreed to keep in touch in one of many possible ways.

After a series of further interesting talks focusing on realizations of Peter Waher’s IoT XEPs, the participants split up in multiple groups to do hands-0n work. We got our hands dirty in participating in an IoT working group to restructure the existing IoT XEPs around easily comprehensible use cases. The minutes to this meeting are available on the XMPP Summit mailinglist. Another group worked on breaking up the monolithic PubSub XEP into smaller digestable parts. And there were other groups doing hacking or open discussions.

Altogether, it was an inspiring day for us, thanks to a very friendly and open-minded XMPP Community!